Wednesday, 22 January 2014


As 2014 was around the corner, starting a blog has been on my mind of a while. 

But starting a blog would be the easy part, what to write about is where I was stumped. 

My name is Bronwyn, I live in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, I'm 22 years old and by June/July I will officially be a graduate of a degree which on many occasions I didn't think I'd actually get.

Growing up, I was your typical girly girl. I loved all things pink, had way too much makeup, and an absurd amount of jewellery. The longer I was at university I got dragged into the culture of relaxed boho not-so-sheek style of student life.

 And in my make-up bag.. well more bag than make-up thus I was living on the bare essentials of make-up. And I’ll tell you, when my foundation ran out, it would be like the world had ended because I didn't have multiple brands of foundation to turn to. It was the trusting one and only. And when you think a foundation bottle is finished.. HONEY not even almost! I’d get every I mean EVERY last drop out.

So now that University is almost done, I’m going to blog on new beauty products I buy and the creation of my vanity area and makeup collection. Starting from the basics I have and slowly growing my collection…

This should be fun :)