Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tip #1:

Tip #1: The best time to use your facial scrub..

Use your favorite facial scrub in the morning, as this is when the dead cells are naturally looser and therefore best to exfoliate to get a clear and clean complexion.

By exfoliating in the morning, this will ensure your foundation or BB cream looks even better when applied and helps create a flawless canvas for the rest of your look.

Did you find this helpful? Would you like more tips in the future?

Friday, 31 January 2014

Clinique 8 piece free gift

Just a heads up!!!!

Buy two or more Clinique treatment products (this is including Foundations) from any Red Square and Edgars (I'm assuming, phone and check before you head out the door perhaps) stores with a Clinique counter, before the 2nd of Feb and receive this 8 piece FREE GIFT!!  :)

Or you can take advantage of this offer from the comfort of your own home by using the Red Square online store at

Your 8 piece gift FREE with two or more Clinique treatment products purchased.

The FREE Gift includes:

Even Better Hand (30ml)
7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula Tube (30 ml)
Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Lotion SPF 20 (7ml)
All About Eyes (5ml); High Impact Mascara - Black (01) (3.5ml)
Quickliner For Eyes Intense Shade: Black (1.1g)
High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15 Shade (3.6g)
Even Better Makeup SPF 15 7ml
And Spice (dark) foundation shade.

Enjoy :)

Love for Clinique’s 3-step Skin Care System

The first step for me in my new year’s resolution of creating a slightly over the top, any girls dream make up and beauty collection, is starting from the beginning and most importantly – my skin!!


I decided no more Johnsons and Johnsons and no to the other mediocre cleansing products I have used over the years. Yes they managed to get the makeup off my skin – but a makeup wipe could do the same- but I still had the same problems of dry patches and break outs that were not going anywhere any time soon.
Yes I’ve tried the bottled soap cleansers, the micro-bead daily washes and the intense once a week “face scrubs” from all sorts of the brands packed on our local stores’ shelves.
Nothing has worked. And I thought that was it, get used to it because this skin isn’t going to get any better. After a little chat with my mom, a light bulb went on in my head –maybe my skin just needs a little extra TLC.

A brand my mom trusted and only used in her young twenties, she suggested, was Clinique. Hmmm and the judgement began!! This is a brand that’s been in the market for years and years. Yes that brand with the stiff and incredibly boring ad campaigns. Oh and the colour scheme of white and dull pastel colours. Not to forget FRANGRANCE FREE!! It’s always fragrance free!! (not a bad thing, but just another thing to bitch about) A brand I’ve never used before gets destroyed within the first 5 seconds of their name being echoed by my mothers voice.

Their prices have always been in the high region, my opinion was simply- they are overpriced because they been around for so many decades but their products are certainly not worth the buck!!

Just give them a try!!
3 weeks later I went to the Clinique counter in the Edgars in Tygervalley, Cape Town.

Before I continue I must complement the two ladies that helped me!! They were the most wonderful two girls I have ever had help me at ANY cosmetics counter. No rushing. No huffing and puffing. No rolling of the eyes to my 101 questions.

They told me it looks like I have skin type #2 ie Dry Combination skin

One of the first products I purchased was their 3-step Skin Care System.

Facial Soap with Dish (Mild)
And I’m in love!!! Step 1- The Facial Soap bar really makes my skin feel clean but my skin feels dry, as it’s supposed to. More than that as a consumer I see it will last me a fair amount of time; a lot longer than if I purchased the Liquid Facial Soap.

Step 2 – is the Toner called Clarifying Lotion (I use number 2). Wow wow wow. As silly as this is I’ve probably only bought 4 or 5 toners in my life and I have never ever reached the half-way point before it disappeared to the back of my cupboard and shelves, they did nothing, my skin didn’t feel or look any different so what was the point of using a toner. Well after using Clinique’s toner I now know for the first time what a toner really is, and there is no encouragement needed to use this product – you want to use it no matter how tired you are in the evenings!!

The Clinique step 2 Clarifying Lotion has an intense smell which over whelmed me at first, but it felt amazing on my skin!!! This is a product I think I will buy forever!! 5 stars for this one.

Step 3 Dramatically different moisturizing Lotion +. I would describe this as more of a thicker-milk than creamy texture lotion. This is a plus, as it adds back the moisture to your skin after steps 1 and 2 but isn’t too over whelming. Something important to remember as well is that after this step you can and probably should apply another cream as your own step 4.

With the 3 step set I purchased the Lotion is a smaller bottle and doesn’t have a pump- this is a no no for most consumers (definitely including me) however this lotion is so thin you find with a good shake the product comes out easily and you done have half the product stuck at the bottom where you can to it. But no pump loses a star for me.

Final conclusion, I won’t be judging a brand so harshly and so quickly until I try their products next time for sure, Right now though I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

I decided if I was going to try Clinique, I would go all in so I purchased a bunch of their other products I will be talking about them in my next few posts and what I think about them.

Lets get specific:
I purchased the 3-step Skin Care System set for R565-
Step 1- Mild Soap 150g
Step 2- Clarifying Lotion 2 200ml
Step 3- Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ 50ml

You can buy Clinique products from their online store at
Or on Red Squares Online store here you can gain Thank You points with your purchases.

You can like Clinique SA on Facebook:

ps. ill post pictures of my almost finished Clinique products soon. :) 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


As 2014 was around the corner, starting a blog has been on my mind of a while. 

But starting a blog would be the easy part, what to write about is where I was stumped. 

My name is Bronwyn, I live in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, I'm 22 years old and by June/July I will officially be a graduate of a degree which on many occasions I didn't think I'd actually get.

Growing up, I was your typical girly girl. I loved all things pink, had way too much makeup, and an absurd amount of jewellery. The longer I was at university I got dragged into the culture of relaxed boho not-so-sheek style of student life.

 And in my make-up bag.. well more bag than make-up thus I was living on the bare essentials of make-up. And I’ll tell you, when my foundation ran out, it would be like the world had ended because I didn't have multiple brands of foundation to turn to. It was the trusting one and only. And when you think a foundation bottle is finished.. HONEY not even almost! I’d get every I mean EVERY last drop out.

So now that University is almost done, I’m going to blog on new beauty products I buy and the creation of my vanity area and makeup collection. Starting from the basics I have and slowly growing my collection…

This should be fun :)